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Other lines

Keyring Carabiner 5mm

Length: 59mm

Width: 33mm

Weight: 13g

Gate opening: 13mm

Internal diameter of the ring: 23mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Standard finish: Anodized


Aluminum Ring 12mm

Ring length: 65mm

Inner ring: 40mm

Weight: 56g

Minimum breaking strength: 30KN

Material: Aluminum alloy

Standard finish: Anodized


Stainless Steel Mobile Rope Fastener 3mm

Length: 50mm

Width: 19mm

Weight: 3g

Material: Stainless steel

For rope: Max. 13mm

Articulated Protector With Rollers


Length: 60mm
Width: 50mm

Weight: 300g
Material: Steel and Aluminum alloy 
Shape: Modular



Length: 330mm

Width: 80mm

Weight: 1450g