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Thank you for choosing USClimb. Our mission is to offer high-quality products and services, aiming toward the complete satisfaction of our clients. For this reason we look into the international market searching for the best equipments  available in our field, so you can have fun or work safely and comfortable. Our equipments go through several tests by national and international agencies, such as CE (European conformity), UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Organisation), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and so forth (these certifications can be find on the surface of each material). Even though USClimb products are of great quality, activities at-height, work or sport, are of great risk and therefore, if anyone whishes to use these equipments must be adequately trained and equipped for at-height activities, having many practice hours for familiarization on the equipment and their adequate usage before using it for work or climbing. The consequences of incorrect selection, misuse, poor maintenance of equipment and ignoring safety norms could result in damage, serious injury or death. It is highly recommended, before any at-risk activity, to simulate the activity on safe grounds. It is very important to check and verify all equipment involved in the rigging system, they must meet safety standards and requirements. The users personally assume all the risks and responsibilities for their own actions, decisions and self-exposure to risks: if you are not able or not in a position to assume these responsibilities, do not use these equipments. USClimb does not take responsibility for any misuse of equipment.



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